Michael Caselli

Founder & Editor in Chief, iGaming Business

Michael Caselli is considered one of the world’s leading experts on online gaming, and has been a sought-after expert by several international news programs including CNBC, MSNBC and the BBC.

Since beginning his career in iGaming in 1996, Michael has shared his expertise in the sector as the editor/publisher of several iGaming magazines; and by participating as organizer, host, chairman and moderator for leading international interactive gaming conferences.

Today, Michael is a sector investor, an entrepreneur and an advisor for companies in the iGaming space. Additionally, Michael also spends his time philanthropically, working on The Caselli Foundation, advancing educational opportunities in iGaming.

Michael holds an MBA with a thesis subject on iGaming, and has been honoured by multiple groups for his publications and for his expertise. He has been honoured as a Leader in Gaming by the Global Gaming Expo where he has spoken and chaired on a variety of iGaming topics.

Michael is a Director and Head of Strategy at iGaming Business / Clarion Gaming, where he works actively on a variety of publications and conferences; and organizes social events for the industry including Fire & Ice, the iGaming industry’s oldest and largest social gathering.